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The Sanford RiverWalk, a multi-use pedestrian trail and destination for many recreational enthusiasts, is enjoyed by both residents and visitors of Sanford.  The RiverWalk is a planned multi-use trail, nearly 5-miles long, located in the City of Sanford, on the southern shore of Lake Monroe. The project has received many awards, most notably the International Making Cites Livable award in 2009, for urban designed trails.

What started out in 1995 as an application for a simple sidewalk project along Lake Monroe, quickly grew in scope. The RiverWalk was initially planned in two phases; however, a third phase became apparent, due to the roadway and seawall construction and roadway jurisdictional transfer of U.S. 17/92 from the Florida Department of Transportation to the City. Additionally, the roads’ speed limit was lowered from 55 mph to 35 mph, clearing the path to start a Phase 3 roadway and trail project.

Phase I was completed in 2004 at a cost of $13M, spanning 1.2 miles east to west from Mellonville Avenue to French Avenue.  Phase II was completed in 2018 at a cost of $11M and runs from French Avenue to Mangoustine Avenue.

Phase III, approximately 3.4 miles long, completes the Sanford RiverWalk. Phase 3 includes an improved roadway with added roundabouts, trails, lighting, landscaping and seawall needed to prevent damage to the roadway by its close proximity to Lake Monroe.

This final segment connects the RiverWalk and many Central Florida communities to the 210-mile Florida Coast-to-Coast (C2C) trail, from St. Petersburg to the Space Coast. The Sanford RiverWalk will also complete the 26-mile loop around Lake Monroe made up of many beautiful scenic roads and trails.

Construction of Phase III

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