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Fire Prevention

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are several types of Smoke Detectors available. Each has a very specific purpose and method of detecting products of combustion. Please consult with your supplier or our Fire Prevention Division to ensure you choose the correct type.

Building Address Signage

The address numbers for commercial buildings are required to be at least 6 INCHES in height and must be displayed in a clear, conspicuous space on the building, be of contrasting color to the building, and must be easily viewed from the opposite side of the street.  This assist the responding personnel in locating your correct location in the event of an emergency

Fire Extinguishers, Fire Sprinkler Systems, Hood Suppression Systems

Typically, a 2A10BC rated fire extinguisher is required. Kitchens with a hood suppression system, an additional K rated fire extinguisher is required. Buildings classified as Industrial require a 4A60BC rated extinguisher.   

One properly rated fire extinguisher for every 3000 square feet of space, and/or one properly rated fire extinguisher for every 75 feet of travel. If you are unsure of the correct type of extinguisher for your location, please consult your fire extinguisher supplier.

Fire extinguishers: Annually, by a certified Fire Protection contractor  
Sprinkler systems: Annually, by a certified Fire Sprinkler contractor 
Hood Suppression systems: Every 6 months, the system must be serviced, cleaned, inspected and re-certified by a certified Hood Suppression System contractor. 

Yes. The panel should be labeled, clearly identifying each circuit.  This will decrease the amount of time it would take to isolate the power to an area if there was an electrical or equipment problem

Flammable or Combustible Fuel / Liquid Storage

ALL flammable or combustible fuels / liquids are required to be stored in approved, labeled containers

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