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How to File a Formal Complaint

Based on information gathered through a number of community meetings and conversations as part of the CNI (Choice Neighborhoods Initiative) Public Safety Workgroup, it was evident that there was misinformation about how a citizen could file a complaint, and what they should expect throughout that process.

This informative video, explains how any individual can file a formal complaint with the Sanford Police Department, and what they can expect throughout that process. 

This video is the result of a collaborative effort between the Public Safety Workgroup and the Sanford Police Department.  These initiatives are ongoing and have been created as an effort to promote transparency and strengthen relationships between the Sanford Police Department and the community it serves. 

CNI Community Engagement/Public Safety Council

At the close out of the CNI planning grant the participants and leadership identified the need for ongoing meetings and engagement in order to capitalize on the momentum gained.  The Community Engagement/Public Safety Council was created to build a bridge of communication, education, trust, respect, training and resources for the community.  The Council is comprised of 10 members (that include 2 Chairmen) that represent:

Chairmen – Vernon McQueen (Goldsboro Front Porch Council – GFPC) and Captain Trekelle Perkins (SPD)

  • F. Amanda Alexander – Citizen
  • Keme Tillman – Glorious Hands
  • Lisa Pilgrim – Making a Diffrence Making a Change (MAD MAC)
  • Shane Lillibridge – Resident
  • Starregina Lawrence – Resident
  • Tamara Johnson – CNI/SHA
  • Donna Walsh – Department of Health in Seminole County 
  • Britt Henderson – City of Sanford

  ***This group of individuals created an action plan based on a community wide survey and suggestions to meet the needs of the community.  To date we have had one formalized training which is a three part series.


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