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Found Property

Property that is turned in as found (with the exception of firearms) may be claimed by appointment at the Sanford Police Department during the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday – Thursday. To claim your lost property, you must provide proof of ownership and present a valid Photo ID.

Found property is held for 90 days and then disposed of in accordance with Florida Law. Items that are sold are done so by competitive bidding via public sale at Property Room.

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment you may contact our Property and Evidence Section at 407.688.5070 ext. 6010, ext. 6021, or ext. 6027 or by email:

DescriptionDate FoundCase NumberDisposal Date
samsung cell phone5/31/20222022CJ0102889/1/2022
magazine and ammo5/12/20222022CJ0089589/1/2022
black cruiser style bicycle5/8/20222022500017599/1/2022
black locking briefcase 5/12/20222022CJ0089929/1/2022
bicycle and knife belonging to B. Barnes5/11/20222022CJ0089299/1/2022
coin purse with misc coins5/05/20222022500016729/1/2022
gold/black tommy hilfiger backpack5/05/20222022500016729/1/2022
navy blue reebok backpack5/05/20222022500016729/1/2022
black bag5/01/20222022CJ0076338/1/2022
black knife4/27/20222022CJ0079578/1/2022
black bagpack4/23/20222022CJ0077028/1/2022
Found Black Samsung Android Cellphone4/27/20222022CJ0079038/1/2022
Gray AGU outdoors hat, Black Samsung cellphone4/26/20222022CJ0078588/1/2022
Approximately 10 unspent rounds in a 9mm Glock Magazine4/26/20222022CJ0078058/1/2022
black Samsung A113/24/20222022CJ0055608/1/2022
debit card belonging to E.A. Garcia4/16/20222022CJ0072358/1/2022
Adidas bag with personal effects4/09/20222022CJ0067378/1/2022
tool box4/08/20222022CJ0066358/1/2022
Gray Kent bicycle4/08/20222022CJ0065588/1/2022
Echo leaf blower4/04/20222022CJ0063388/1/2022
light purple Huffy bicycle4/04/20222022CJ0063168/1/2022
wheelchair and clothing belonging to M. L. Wood2/28/20222022500007578/1/2022
Dark Grey Mangoose BMX Bicycle with brown seat3/16/20222022FC0004897/1/2022
Glock BB Gun3/27/20222022FC0006057/1/2022
Canon Camera3/28/20222022CJ0057737/1/2022
Set of keys3/21/20222022CJ0052547/1/2022
Set of keys3/21/20222022CJ0051357/1/2022
Set of keys2/28/20222022CJ0039076/1/2022
American Flag key2/28/20222022CJ0039066/1/2022
Cellphone, wallet, and currency.2/25/20222022CJ0036836/1/2022
Apple Watch Series 3 Rose Gold2/19/20222022CJ0033026/1/2022
Keys on black/red lanyard, wawa card, and youth shine pin.2/19/20222022CJ0033106/1/2022
White w/a gold/pinkish backing Verizon cellphone2/20/20222022CJ0033336/1/2022
black BMX style bicycle2/17/20222022CJ0031056/1/2022
White/Pink Mongoose2/11/20222022500005276/1/2022
Blue Huffy Bicycle2/11/20222022500005276/1/2022
purple Schwinn bicycle2/13/20222022CJ0028256/1/2022
Honda vehicle key with house keys and Tile2/17/20222022CJ0030896/1/2022
black pocket knife belonging to J. Riddle2/17/20222022IT0007206/1/2022
High school ID belonging to J. Mohn2/15/20222022IT0006896/1/2022
black Samsung cellphone in a red case2/6/20222022CJ0023106/1/2022
blue oneplus cellphone in a green case2/12/20222022CJ0027576/1/2022
Red spray painted bike1/31/20222022500003646/1/2022
One set of keys with a yellow M & M decoration1/9/20222022CJ0004905/1/2022
SSI and Prescription for S. Lemon11/13/20212021500041685/1/2022
Documents for M. Villard (Edmonds)11/13/20212021500041685/1/2022
Firearm and Ammo1/31/20222022CJ0018965/1/2022
 blue  white roadmaster granite peak bicycle 2/7/20172017CJ0020644/1/2022
 black suitcase7/25/20192019CJ0124614/1/2022
wallet with various cards for an R. Banks10/31/20202020CJ0160104/1/2022
Bike for E. Ingram11/22/20212021500043014/1/2022
Debit card for Glennis Wright6/16/20212021CJ0096684/1/2022
White Cellphone12/2/20212021CJ0200164/1/2022
black bag, brown wallet, black and green wallet, and two cards with no names12/2/20212021CJ0200444/1/2022
US Currency12/2/20212021CJ0200444/1/2022
ID and Card for Mr. Defilippo12/2/20212021CJ0200444/1/2022
blue Motorola cell phone in grey case12/16/20212021CJ0210174/1/2022
 Walgreens Reward Card 09/01/202120215000317602/01/2022
Circle K Rewards Card 09/01/202120215000317602/01/2022
Two Bank Cards For Z. T. Bruner 09/01/202120215000317602/01/2022
Citi Bank Cards For R. Correa 09/01/202120215000317602/01/2022
Black Bicycle 09/01/20212021CJ01425902/01/2022
Red Painted Next Bicycle09/04/20212021CJ01447502/01/2022
Debit Card – Kendall Brown09/13/20212021CJ01481102/01/2022
 Thirty-Eight 12ga Shotgun Shells09/19/20212021CJ01528202/01/2022
Grey Michael Kors Purse09/20/20212021CJ01481102/01/2022
Blue Mongoose Bicycle Belonging To M. J. Ruiz Delgado05/16/201820185000248102/01/2022
Black Sparkly Wallet With Cards Belonging To R. M. Newsom12/30/20192019CJ02165002/01/2022
Grey And Yellow Bicycle/Canteen Belonging To S. P. Schwartz02/24/202020205000087402/01/2022
Debit Card Belonging To J. Uraga10/28/202020205000398802/01/2022
 FL ID For K.D. Parker11/22/20202020CJ01721902/01/2022
Two Springfield Magazines And Twenty-Four .40 Caliber Rounds11/22/20202020CJ01721902/01/2022
Purple Bicycle Belonging To C. S. Attardi12/04/20202020CJ01780502/01/2022
Stroller Belonging To R. S. Vander Starre01/25/202120215000013002/01/2022
Green Bicycle Belonging To J. S. Groves03/25/202120215000104902/01/2022
 Blue Mountain Bicycle Belonging To J. L. Davis04/13/202120215000130302/01/2022
 EBT Card For B. L. Tapscott08/08/202120215000284802/01/2022
Social Security Card For W. B. Stevenson09/01/202120215000317602/01/2022
 Black Bicycle Belonging To R. D. Bryant09/09/202120215000328402/01/2022
 Black And White Flannel Scarf10/09/202120215000368302/01/2022
Faux White Pearl Earring10/09/202120215000368302/01/2022
Medicaid Card For S. Vandyne02/19/20212021CJ00266402/01/2022
Bag Recovered08/17/20212021CJ013300 02/01/2022
Sportsman 900 Rifle BB Gun08/18/20212021CJ013353 02/01/2022
Gamo Swarm Maxxim Air Rifle08/17/20212021CJ013339 02/01/2022
Wallet With Various Cards For R. Banks10/31/20212020CJ016010 02/01/2022
 .45 Caliber Magazine And Nine .45 Caliber Bullets10/12/20212021CJ016770 02/01/2022
Small Wooden Handled Pocket Knife10/12/20212021CJ016770 02/01/2022
Iphone With Case10/12/20212021CJ016799 02/01/2022
Civil Court Summons10/17/20212021CJ017153 02/01/2022
Multiple Misc Belongings For M. L. Wood03/21/20212021IT001075 02/01/2022
A Black Arrow With A Gold Tip10/19/20212021CJ017273 02/01/2022
Credit Card Lorraine Griffiths10/25/20212021CJ017570 02/01/2022
Black Mongoose bicycle belonging to G. Strange05/07/2019201950002172 03/01/2022
Black Apple iPhone belonging to D.L. Perdue11/15/202020205000422703/01/2022
Stroller belonging to R. S. Vander Starre01/11/202120215000013003/01/2022
Samsung cellphone11/12/202120215000412803/01/2022
Samsung cellphone11/12/202120215000412803/01/2022
One Plus cellphone11/12/202120215000412803/01/2022
Black bicycle11/21/202120215000428503/01/2022
Pink and purple bicycle10/07/20212021CJ01649103/01/2022
Blue, red, and black Road Master bicycle10/31/20212021CJ01800603/01/2022
Four keys on a white lanyard, with photo keychain11/02/20212021CJ01814203/01/2022
Two empty firearm magazines, 10 shotshells, one full firearm magazine11/02/20212021CJ01815003/01/2022
Red Raleigh mountain bicycle11/03/20212021CJ01819903/01/2022
Green TD bank card belonging to L. E. Antonetti11/03/20212021CJ01820103/01/2022
Blue Chase card belonging to J. E. Getz11/03/20212021CJ01820103/01/2022
Blue Wisely Visa card11/03/20212021CJ01820103/01/2022
Check belonging to M. D. Murillo11/13/20212021CJ01893603/01/2022
Nissan car key with Disney character keychain11/16/20212021CJ01914603/01/2022

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