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Public Art

The next Art In Chambers Exhibit will be the Seminole County Printmakers, on display December 6 – May 9, 2022. The City’s Art In Chambers is open for public viewing 15 -30 minutes prior to all City Public Meetings held in the City Commission Chambers. The Commission Chambers is located on the first floor of City Hall 300 N. Park

Public Art

Mural installed at 1017 Historic Goldsboro Boulevard during the Annual Goldsboro Front Porch Celebration on Historic Goldsboro Boulevard.

Goldsboro Mural

Public Art Installations

Art at City Hall

Virtual Art Exhibits

Learn more about featured artists through our “Virtual Art Events” by way of an opening and/or closing virtual reception. The virtual art event is live streamed on the City’s YouTube channel where the videos are permanently located. The public can learn about the city’s art exhibits long after the exhibits are taken down.

View Live Virtual Art Exhibit

Please join us for a Virtual Art live reception at City Hall

Playlist of Virtual Art Exhibits

Applications for a Public Work of Art

The Public Art Commission meets on the fourth Tuesday each month at 3pm. To be placed on an agenda, a completed application must be submitted two weeks prior to the meeting date.

If the public work of art being proposed is on private property, the property must be in compliance with no open/active code enforcement violations. Public works of art on private property requires one meeting and approval by the public art commission. If the public work of art is proposed on public property or city right of way, additional staff reviews are necessary as well as approval by the Public Art Commission and City Commission.

You will need to complete the following steps for a Public Art application:

  • Complete the application and upload the concept and any additional information
    • Artwork design
    • Size/dimensions and materials
    • Location to be installed and method of installation
    • Artist information

Pop Up Art Submittal Process

Pop up art does not require approval by the Public Art Commission, but an application for pop up art must be submitted and reviewed by staff for a time/place/manner approval. Approvals for pop up art expire two weeks after issuance. Pop up art can only be on display for seven (7) days and requires the execution of an art easement prior to installation.

You will need to complete the following steps for a Pop Up Art Project:

  • Select apply Now under Permitting
  • Select Public Art Application for the application type
  • Select Pop Up Art Project as the sub type
  • Complete the form and upload the following:
  • art design concept with dimensions
  • site plan showing the location to be installed
  • the manner the art will be installed/mounted/displayed
  • signed/notarized affidavit of ownership (attached)

Other elements to be considered:

  1. Any installations indoors are not required to be included as part of the pop up art application unless displayed in windows as signage.
  2. Pop-up art will not be approved at locations with active code enforcement.
  3. One application for all locations will be adequate; Two separate applications will be required for the 2-week timeframe proposed.
  4. A list and/or map identifying each location by address will be beneficial

Public Art Commission

The Public Art Commission is responsible for making recommendations to the City Commission regarding advocating for the program and the process and procedures that guide the acquisition and care of public art; identify and pursue additional sources of funds relative to the promotion of public art in the City; inform the public regarding public art including opportunities for public participation in all phases of the City’s public art process; promote the visual arts of the City and the State of Florida and inform and work to increase understanding within the City about the purposes and meaning of public works of art using methods such as art outreach education, media and social events. Contact Lisa Holder for more information at (407)688-5019

Meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 3 PM, in the City Commission Chambers, located at 300 N. Park Avenue, Sanford, FL 32771. City residency is not required to serve on the Public Art Commission.

Public Art Commission Meetings

Public Art Commission Members

Rosemary B. Closson, Ph.D.

Married to the same wonderful man for 50 plus years she and her husband have two grown daughters and three grandsons.

Professionally, Rosemary retired from the University of South Florida as an Associate Professor in Adult Education. She also taught at North Carolina A & T University and served as an adjunct faculty at the Center for Creative Leadership. Her most exciting teaching stints were in Maiduguri, Nigeria and Nairobi, Kenya respectively.

Rosemary’s community service includes founding a Healing for Racism group in Tallahassee, FL and the establishment of a working group that commemorated the International Day for the Elimination of Racism (a UN Day) in Greensboro, NC. Currently, she’s a member of the Seminole County League of Women Voters, the Planning Advisory Board for My Brother’s Keeper in Sanford, FL and a member of the Seminole County Library Board. This year she was part of the working group that initiated the proclamation and celebration of Race Amity Day in Sanford, Fl.

A member of the Baha’i Faith for over sixty years she has served on several Local Spiritual Assemblies.

Sally Dehler

Sally is a lifetime artist. She has trained in acrylic painting, oil painting, portraiture, fluid painting, watercolors, sketching, pastels, charcoal, and ceramics. Her work is inspired by her life experiences, travel, and nature. She is passionate about art and enjoys sharing this through shows and teaching. She has shown at Lake Mary- Heathrow Festival of the Arts and Cranes Roost/Uptown Altamonte Art Festival as well as numerous smaller shows in Orlando, Lake Mary, Longwood, and Sanford. Her work has been displayed at City Arts Gallery – Orlando, Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center- Sanford, Park Drive Gallery – Sanford, Advent Health Art of Healing – Altamonte Springs, and Hollerbach’s Art Haus-Sanford. Before Covid her work was for sale in local Artisan Boutiques in Lake Mary  and Sanford.  She teaches both private and group painting lessons and offers mobile painting parties. With over ten years teaching experience her classes receive rave reviews.


Kimberly House

Kim House has been a longtime advocate for the arts in Sanford. She has been a professional clay artist for over 30 years having taught many art mediums from her art studio and gallery. A dedicated volunteer, she is a co-founder of the St. Johns River Festival of the Arts, the Historic Sanford Welcome Center and the Sanford Alive After Five.

Kimberly house

City Commissioner Patty Mahany

Commissioner Patty Mahany was elected in June 2010 in a special election. Commissioner Mahany is the former President of the Woman’s Club of Sanford, 2012-2014, Vice President of the Sanford Airport Memorial Committee, (the group responsible for designing, funding and building Naval Air Station Sanford’s Memorial Park) and restoring the aircraft currently on display at that venue. Patty Mahany also serves on the Council of Local Governments (CALNO), the Seminole County Community Development Block Grant Board, the Seminole County Public Schools Facilities Planning Committee, and the current Commission member and co-founder of the Sanford Task Force on Homelessness. Commissioner Mahany has been married for 21 years to her husband Sean Mahany, a Retired Navy Chief Warrant Officer. Patty Mahany is a third generation native of Sanford and has lived in their home in District Four for 26 years. Commissioner Mahany is a graduate of Seminole High School, afterwards graduating from the St. Petersburg School of Veterinary Technology in 1982 in which she enjoyed a wonderful career working in both large and small animal medicine.

Patty Mahany

Virginia Poe (Chairman)

Virginia Poe is a 30 year resident of Seminole County. Virginia has had a career in the graphic arts/publishing industry and holds a Bachelor of Design from the University of Florida. She recently has taken drawing, painting and printmaking classes at Seminole State College. Virginia is a working artist with a studio in Historic Downtown Sanford and site on the Board of Trustees for the Polasek Museum & Sculpture Gardens in Winter Park. Virginia is also a member of the Florida Cultural Alliance which liaisons with the Florida Legislature.

Virginia Poe

Reggie Santilli (Vice-Chairman)

Reggie Santilli is a graduate of Stetson University. A resident of DeLand, she has served on the board of trustees for the Museum of Art, past president of museum, board of Fall Festival of Arts, ECHO, steering committee of public arts in DeLand and the Volusia County Cultural Council. 

Reggi Santilli

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