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Capital Improvement Projects

Capital Improvement Projects

A Capital Improvement Plan is used to plan for the purchase of equipment and permanent structures or the restoration or maintenance of a property that will either enhance the property’s overall value, prolong its useful life or adopt it to a new use.   

The City of Sanford in Fiscal Year 2023 approved __#____ capital projects. This includes reoccurring work or repairs for matters like streetlights, sidewalks or park repairs, it also includes procurement of equipment such as computers and vehicles. Additionally, the Capital Improvement Plan includes capital improvement projects for the City, examples of this would be the Water Meter Exchange Project or the newest Fire Station.

The Fiscal Year ’23 Capital Improvement Plan is available in the final and approved City Budget. [link will be here]

The City of Sanford Capital Projects Dashboard provides a view into many of the City’s current capital improvement projects.

The Dashboard includes the following information about each project.

  • Project Name
  • Brief Description
  • Fiscal Year it started
  • Anticipated Fiscal Year End Date
  • Budget Forecast (anticipated cost for the length of the project)
  • Current Status

Projects with a hyperlink, are projects that have more information that have been provided by the City and their according Departments/Project Managers.

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