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One Cent Infrastructure Sales Tax

On May 20, 2014, Seminole County voters approved the 3rd generation of the One Cent Infrastructure Sales Tax. Known as the Penny Sales Tax, collections are levied on the sale of consumer goods to visitors, residents, and businesses, ensuring the cost to construct and maintain infrastructure is shared.

Types of Projects Funded By the Penny Sales Tax

Drainage Improvements
Stormwater Ponds
Road Widening
Erosion Control
Culvert Replacements
Lighting Upgrades
Roadway Resurfacing
Water Quality Projects

Frequently Asked Questions

We would like to answer some common questions about the City’s ongoing emergency project for the Vacuum Sewer System repair and maintenance. 

Vacuum sewerage systems consist of a vacuum station, where the vacuum is generated, the vacuum pipeline system, collection chambers with collection tanks and interface valve units. In contrast to conventional gravity sewerage systems with intermediate pumping stations, the permanent pressure within the vacuum system is maintained below atmospheric pressure. Moreover, vacuum technology reduces water consumption considerably, enabling flexible installations regardless of topography and water availability. (description provided by Vacuum Sewers | SSWM – Find tools for sustainable sanitation and water management!)

The City of Sanford’s vacuum sewer system was installed 30 years ago, primarily for the residential community downtown. This system was less disruptive to retrofit into the older neighborhood than traditional gravity sewer, but requires more ongoing maintenance.  The vacuum main pipelines and valve pits are installed through alleyways and alongside existing infrastructure and utilities such as gas and telephone lines, making regular maintenance quite challenging. Recent storms and heavy rainfalls may have further damaged the system, causing more stormwater intrusion. In addition, the City of Sanford has experienced commercial growth downtown over the last few years.  The system was not designed for the high volume of sewage at certain times and days that commercial usage generates. The vacuum sewer system installed in the 1990’s has been underperforming of late, and staff has spent extraordinary time and effort to keep it operational.

Please call the City of Sanford Customer Service Line at 407.688. 5100. After Hours, please call the same number and follow the prompts for the dedicated Vacuum Sewer Line.

This only impacts Sanford residents and customers in the general area of S. 2nd Street to 20th Street, and between French Avenue and Sanford Avenue.

Please refer to this map for the specific boundaries.

The City’s utilities crews have been trying to keep up with the maintenance of approximately 500 vacuum pits, by replacing parts when available. However, shortage of talented staff and supply chain issues have further resulted in delays. Based on recommendations from the manufacturer of the system, the City is pursuing emergency procurement of replacement and upgraded valves, pumps and other equipment that will significantly improve reliability and performance of the system. Staff will be meeting with an engineering consultant to plan for improvements beyond the immediate upgrades.


Other improvements currently in design include construction of three lift stations, for the Willow Tree, Tuffy’s and the Sanford Brewing Company. These lift stations will relieve pressure off the overwhelmed vacuum system, connecting the three high volume wastewater generators directly to gravity sewer lines.


In addition, the City is investigating and repairing other sources of groundwater intrusion into the vacuum system, including individual customer service lines and other contributing gravity pipelines

The City will regularly post updates about the action plan and project status to the City website. The City will also post appropriate notifications to their social media pages when they become available.

For more information you can listen to the City’s Sanford Says Podcast or Contact Utilities at 407.688.5100 or email

Projects Completed

To date the money has been spent on sidewalk improvements, Streetscapes, trail and roadway construction, asphalt resurfacing and road rehabilitation. There are a number of projects in design such as the St Johns Pkwy – Upsala Road Intersection Improvement, Celery Avenue – Mellonville Avenue intersection improvement, Aero Lane traffic and circulation improvement and the  Georgetown Sidewalk, Road and Drainage Improvements. Among the list of Completed Projects are the 17-92 Beautification Project, The Historic Goldsboro Boulevard Streetscape Project, The Riverwalk Phase III Project, The Myrtle Avenue Streetscape Project, The Oak Avenue Streetscape Project, The Country Club Subdivision Sidewalk Project, The Hidden Lakes Subdivision Roadway, Sidewalk and Drainage Improvements and Third Street Sidewalk Project. The One Cent Sales Tax also funds our Pavement Rehabilitation and Resurfacing along with Sidewalk Repairs.

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