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Speaker Request Form

The Sanford City Commission invites and encourages residents to express their views to the City Commission. The Commission welcomes all points of view; however, the City Commission may impose time limits on those speaking. Please complete the other side of this form prior to the start of the meeting. The City Clerk will collect these cards prior to the start of the meeting and present them to the Mayor. Residents may speak during a public hearing or during the Citizen Comment portion of the agenda. You should approach the lectern and give your name and address for the record.

* If you would like to speak at the meeting, please fill out the form below. When finished, please click on the submit button.

Public Hearings:

  • Public hearings are intended to give citizens an opportunity to have input into the public decision process.
  • Public hearings are not question and answer sessions or debates. All statements should be addressed to the chair.
  • Persons speaking at public hearings are requested to keep comments brief, not to exceed three minutes, and to address only those issues pertinent to the matters advertised for public hearing.
  • Applicants, or representatives of the applicant, will be allowed ten minutes to introduce information regarding the matter advertised for public hearing. All comments are to be pertinent to the issue being considered.

Citizen Comments:

  • The Citizen Comment portion of the agenda is the opportunity for residents of Sanford to speak to the Commission on any matter .
  • If you would like to submit any written materials to the Commission, they should be provided to the City Clerk at the meeting .
  • Persons speaking during the Citizen Comment portion of the meeting are requested to keep comments brief.

The Commission may establish additional rules and regulations regarding the public hearing or comments.

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