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Building Division


The City of Sanford Building Division issues building permits, performs field inspections, and issues certificates of occupancy to ensure conformance of construction in the City through strict enforcement of the Florida Building Code, State Statutes and City Ordinances.  

Our Customer Portal

All Building Permitting and information is on the Citizenserve online portal.  You can also check the status of your permit, pay fees, view policies, view submittal requirements, download forms or schedule inspections through Citizenserve. 

All plan review is electronic, requiring digital signatures from the design professional.  Paper plans are no longer accepted.  Please visit the Submittal Requirements page for Electronic Plan Review Policy and Procedures. 

Building Department (407) 688-5150 Email: Building Department

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Inspection Scheduling and Information

Building Inspections can be scheduled online, by phone or by text message. 

  1. To schedule online:  Please visit Citizenserve online portal 
  2. To schedule by phone or text:  Please call 1.888.606.3726

Permit FAQs

All Permitting is done through the Citizenserve online portal.

Storm Damage Information Sheet (in the instructions there is a link with the application)

Yes. Arbor permits are issued by our Planning and Development Services Division. Please contact 407.688.5140 ext. 5144 or contact Christopher Smith at

Maintenance of fencing is required to prevent dilapidated or hazardous conditions. Please review our Fence Permit Checklist for these regulations. Please check the City of Sanford Land Development Regulation on types of fencing allowed within the City  Schedule F, section 5.0.

Permits are to be applied for using the Citizenserve online portal.  Paper applications and paper plans are no longer accepted.  Please contact our office for additional information at 407-688-5150.

Florida Statute allows commercial or residential property owners to erect, alter, modify, repair, or demolish any building, total value not to exceed $75,000 for commercial construction, for his/her own use. Properties to be offered for sale or lease within one year of completion of construction are exempt from this ruling and all work shall be done by licensed contractors. Proof of ownership is required for all permits. Please see Florida Statute 489.103 for complete information.

Ask for and check references and ask to see their state license(s). State law requires the license number to be on the business card and proposal. Check for any license complaints for your contractor.  Check We can check our business tax records to see if any complaints have been made in reference to a specific contractor located within our jurisdiction. If a contractor asks you to secure the permit this is a red flag and if you choose to do this you are at risk.

We require the general or building contractor pull the main permit. Then all state licensed sub-contractors must pull their own permits.

The Noise Ordinance is regulated by City Code Section 38-74. – Construction.

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