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Solid Waste and Recycling

Garbage and Recycle Collection

The Public Works Solid Waste Division has an exclusive Franchise Agreement with Waste Pro of Florida, Inc. to provide you with the most efficient, top quality collection services for all of your garbage, recycle, yard waste and bulk material collection needs.

For more information about solid waste collection and recycle services in the city you may visit the WastePro website.

If you require additional assistance regarding collection services, or wish to request recycle bins, please contact:

Emily McCabe (407) 688.5089 Email: Solid Waste Manager

Holiday Collection Notice

Thanksgiving Day – Thursday, November 25, 2021

  • NO GARBAGE or RECYCLE COLLECTION; service will resume on your next scheduled collection day.

Christmas Day – Saturday, December 25, 2021


New Year’s Day – Saturday, January 1, 2022


When Is My Trash Picked Up?

Use this interactive map to find out about collection services at your address.



Refuse and recycle service is mandatory for all residential properties. An average of 104 tons of recyclable materials is collected monthly from the City of Sanford residents and is recycled rather than disposed of in the landfill. Waste Pro of Florida, Inc. is the City of Sanford’s Solid Waste Collection and Disposal Hauler. Recyclables are collected once per week; scheduled day depends on service location – you can check your collection day on the interactive map above.

To request a recycle bin, please contact the Solid Waste Division at 407.688.5089, Monday through Thursday from 7:00am to 5:30pm. Recycle Bin requests can also be submitted to Request A Recycle Bin.

Recycle bins will be delivered within two business days from the request date. Recycle bins will be used for the accepted materials only. Please do not put yard waste or garbage in the bins.

You will receive two bins for recycling.  In one of the bins please place newspapers, magazines and catalogs. In the other bin place plastic bottles (#1 through #7 – the numbers are on the bottom of the bottles), glass bottles and jars (clear, green and brown), aluminum cans and steel cans.

An unlimited amount of recyclable material may be placed curbside for collection in the city provided 14-gallon recycle bins. The hauler will leave behind all materials not accepted in the program with a tag indicating the reason why it was left behind.

With the help of citizens like you all of us can help protect the environment and improve the quality of life we all share living on this planet. Thanks for participating in the City’s Recycle Program.

An Important Message About Your Recycling - We Need Your Help!

Recycling contamination happens when non-recyclable items are mixed in with recyclables items or when materials are sorted into the wrong recycling bin (placing a glass bottle into a mixed paper recycling bin for example), or when materials are not properly cleaned, such as when food residue remains on a plastic yogurt container. 

In order to help educate citizens, and reduce contamination. Waste Pro is going to be placing a flyer inside of recycle bins that contain objects that are not accepted in the City’s recycle program. Hopefully this will assist in cleaning up recycle contamination coming from the City of Sanford. Thank you.

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