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Development Services

The purpose of the Development Services Department is to foster a comprehensive approach to City development and redevelopment issues, including planning, building and code enforcement functions.  The department has the overall responsibility of assuring the proper planning, development, safety and appearance of high-quality residential and business neighborhoods, as well as designing the transportation system to serve them, together with planning for a comprehensive system of open spaces and other enhancements to the City’s image.  In combining these functions the division provides a direct process for residents and businesses by consolidation of the development review, permitting, and inspection functions.

The City of Sanford Comprehensive Plan (2018-2030)

Volume I of the Sanford Comprehensive Plan serves to document the Goals, Objectives and Policies of the City that reflect compliance with current statutory requirements, as well as the evolving vision and priorities of the City of Sanford.  Instead of being organized into traditional elements, Volume I has been organized into cohesive themes, in order to avoid duplicative information and to more successfully link concepts that might otherwise be separated into distinct elements.

Each Section offers one or more Chapters covering a specific topic that represents the typical Elements found in a Comprehensive Plan.  Each chapter includes an introduction that provides the regulatory and local intent of the Chapter and a set of GOPs that will serve as a regulatory and procedural framework that will be implemented by the City’s Land Development Regulations (LDRs) and other regulatory documents. Furthermore, the GOPs contained herein also serve as commitment by the City Commission, Planning & Zoning Commission and City Staff to implement the strategies and planning initiatives covered by this document.  The City understands that these GOPs are an essential tool to achieving the City’s Vision, as listed in Chapter IB above.

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