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Mission Statement

To provide protection and prevention against the loss of life and property by fire, emergency services, and mitigation of hazards to the public. Through a collaborative and cooperative effort of dedicated professionals, the Sanford Fire Department will strive for continual improvement of its services and personnel to provide quality services and develop the next generation of leaders to ensure long-term success.

Fire Chief Ronnie McNeil

Appointed to Fire Chief in 2022, Ronnie McNeil Jr was raised in Sanford and graduated from Seminole High School in 1996. He attended Seminole State College where he gained his Firefighter and EMT certification and later completed Paramedic School and his Associates Degree in Fire Science. Ronnie McNeil was hired by the Sanford Fire Department in 2000 where he successfully progressed through the ranks. Ronnie received his Bachelors Degree in Fire Science from Columbia Southern University in 2011 and was then promoted to the rank of Deputy Fire Chief where he has served since 2013. He also actively serves as an adjunct Fire Instructor at Seminole State College.

During his tenure, Ronnie McNeil has accomplished several certifications to Include Fire Officer IV, Fire Instructor III and Fire Inspector. Ronnie has served on several deployments with the State of Florida as the Co-Commander of the Region 5 All Hazards Incident Management Team. Those deployments include Hurricane Michael in the panhandle as well as the COVID19 response to Fort Lauderdale. Ronnie McNeil also holds State of Florida Certifications as an All-Hazards Division Supervisor and Operations Sections Chief.

Fire Chief Ronnie McNeil remains focused on providing the Sanford Community with the highest quality and most respectful level of service.

Ronnie McNeil 407.688.5043 Email: Fire Chief

Sign up for Alert Seminole and Stay Connected, Stay Informed

The City of Sanford partners with Seminole County and Alert Seminole on a variety of topics including notifying our residents about boil water notices and other safety concerns.

Seminole County residents are encouraged to register for emergency alerts through Alert Seminole, Seminole County’s emergency notification and warning system.

Residents can sign up to receive emergency alerts via text, e-mail, or voice call about a variety of potential public safety and environmental hazards, including:

  • Boil water notices and other safety concerns
  • Significant weather events, including hurricanes, tornadoes and severe thunderstorms
  • Evacuations
  • Shelter-in-place orders
  • Emergency shelter information
  • Highly disruptive road closures


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