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On May 20, 2014, Seminole County voters approved the 3rd generation of the One Cent Infrastructure Sales Tax. Known as the Penny Sales Tax, collections are levied on the sale of consumer goods to visitors, residents, and businesses, ensuring the cost to construct and maintain infrastructure is shared.

Types of Projects Funded By the Penny Sales Tax

Drainage Improvements
Stormwater Ponds
Road Widening
Erosion Control
Culvert Replacements
Lighting Upgrades
Roadway Resurfacing
Water Quality Projects

Projects Completed

To date the money has been spent on sidewalk improvements, Streetscapes, trail and roadway construction, asphalt resurfacing and road rehabilitation. There are a number of projects in design such as the St Johns Pkwy – Upsala Road Intersection Improvement, Celery Avenue – Mellonville Avenue intersection improvement, Aero Lane traffic and circulation improvement and the  Georgetown Sidewalk, Road and Drainage Improvements. Among the list of Completed Projects are the 17-92 Beautification Project, The Historic Goldsboro Boulevard Streetscape Project, The Riverwalk Phase III Project, The Myrtle Avenue Streetscape Project, The Oak Avenue Streetscape Project, The Country Club Subdivision Sidewalk Project, The Hidden Lakes Subdivision Roadway, Sidewalk and Drainage Improvements and Third Street Sidewalk Project. The One Cent Sales Tax also funds our Pavement Rehabilitation and Resurfacing along with Sidewalk Repairs.

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