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New Water Meters Coming Soon!

Looking ahead to 2024 Sanford has awesome news on tap…

The City of Sanford is undergoing a multi-million dollar city-wide water meter replacement project starting in 2024, that’s approximately 25,000 individual water meters being installed for both Sanford’s residents and business customers. The city understands billing has been frustrating and is working diligently to upgrade to an advanced metering system as an investment for our customers.

The new meters will provide more accurate billing information and overall improved service and utilities operational savings. The new meters will operate with the best technology currently available to provide more water use information for you. This project will involve installing new water meters throughout our entire service area. Stay tuned for more details!

The City of Sanford takes this project very seriously; however, we want to have fun with the marketing/awareness campaign.

Pearl Welcomes You! 

To bring awareness to the water meter replacement project, a multi-million-dollar City of Sanford project, we instituted the idea of a “mascot” to help engage the Sanford community throughout the estimated 24-month process.

We held a public graphic design contest and had several entries, the graphic design you see here was chosen as the winner by City employees. Thank you to all who submitted a design.

The winning design was created by City employee, Billie Jean Puleo. The mascot’s name is “Pearl,” named after the meter the City is installing called the iPERL® with a play on words, we called the mascot “Pearl.” The graphic was designed by Billie after the real iPERL® water meter with the addition of a radio frequency logo and water-filled arms and legs. iPERL® will read and transmit the meter data through radio frequency smart technology.

You will soon begin to see friendly and happy “Pearl the Water Meter Reader” on our FAQ water meter replacement project webpage, social media, and PR marketing materials. We plan to have on display a life-size version of “Pearl” in the main lobby of City Hall and the Utility Customer Service area welcoming all by bringing awareness to this critical, most important infrastructure project.

If you see Pearl, share a smile back.
Stay tuned for more on the water meter replacement project.
Design created by Billie Jean Puleo

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