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Artisan Square Ribbon Cutting 

Unveiling a Cultural Oasis in the Heart of downtown Sanford

The City of Sanford’s Public Art Commission invites you to a ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday, February 15, 2024 at 5:00 pm at the newly designated Artisan Square located next to the Sanford Information Center at 230 E. 1st. Street downtown Sanford.

Established by Resolution on August 14, 2023, Artisan Square is a testament to Sanford’s dedication to enriching the lives of the Sanford community and visitors to the City with all forms of public art. Artisan Square is home to a new work of sculpture, pop-up art boards and beautifully wrapped utility boxes.  A permanent sculpture installation by sculpture artist Clayton Swartz is located in the square as well as several canvas pop-up art pieces. The City of Sanford’s Public Art Commission plans to fully utilize Artisan Square with rotating public art in different mediums for all to enjoy.

Artisan Square stands out for its unique history, originally conceived in the 1920s as a tranquil garden space for postal workers adjacent to the Post Office, now the Sanford Information Center. Artisan Square honors this legacy, offering citizens a picturesque setting to relax and reflect, contributing to the City’s ongoing urban design efforts.

The masterplan for Artisan Square retains the spirit of the original design while expanding its potential as a cultural hub. Artisan Square will serve as a canvas for pop-up art events, sculpture exhibitions, and other creative outlets, fostering a dynamic environment for the Sanford community. A key feature will include a restroom building that seamlessly integrates with the historic architecture, paying homage to the original Post Office.

“We believe Artisan Square will not only be a physical space but a cultural centerpiece, where the community can come together to celebrate art, history, and urbanism,” says Art Woodruff, Mayor, City of Sanford.

Artisan Square, with its unique blend of history and modern functionality, promises to enhance the downtown experience for residents and visitors alike. Join us on February 15, 2024, at 5:00 pm, as we cut the ribbon and unveil Artisan Square – a symbol of Sanford’s dedication to preserving its past while building a vibrant artistic future. Art enriches everyone.

About Artisan Square   

Land designated to further promote artistic endeavors and enjoyment within the City. The land designated as Artisan Square shall be used to promote public art enjoyment and appreciation through exhibits including, but not limited to both functional and non-functional fine art, crafts, and fine crafts. The land designated as Artisan Square is used to display works of arts and crafts and will bring greater character and purpose to downtown Sanford in furtherance of the City’s objective to promote the arts for the benefit of its citizens and the entire community.

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