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Purchasing Division

The mission of City of Sanford Purchasing Division is to support City activities, goals and programs to insure that the Citizens of Sanford receive high quality commodities and services at the most cost effective price in a fair, impartial and timely manner.

The Purchasing Division is the primary point of contact to establish contracts involving construction, services and the acquisition of commodities in compliance with statutory requirements of the State of Florida, Policy and Regulations of the City of Sanford and standards, practices and ethics of the Purchasing Community.

NIGP Code of Ethics

The Purchasing Division follows these standards.

Doing Business with the City

The Competitive Process:

It is the goal of the Purchasing and Contracts Division to obtain the “Best Value” for the City and its Citizens in accordance with a defined competitive process. The following is a brief overview of that process.

The transactions of the Purchasing Division are very diverse as related to dollars and subject matter. The greater the amount of the purchase, the more comprehensive and stringent are the specifications and requirements for competition as well as the formalization of the process. Normally, informal quotations are obtained for goods or services up to $25,000. Procurements at the $25,000-$50,000 level are evaluated to determine whether formal or informal processing is appropriate. Procurements over $50,000 are made using a formal process. The City makes every effort to increase business opportunities to enable all qualified firms to participate in its procurements through full and open competition. Bid and quotes are posted on  

Interested vendors and service providers are encouraged to make an appointment with the Purchasing Division to explore how they may become a source for services and supplies purchased by the City and compete for the City’s business. Purchases are accomplished by use of “p-cards” which use a Visa platform or by the use of a purchase order and/or a contract. Vendors are cautioned to not deliver merchandise or provide services to City personnel without the documentation of a purchase order, contract or the presentation of a p-card.

  • Purchases under $2,500 are referred to as “field purchases or restricted purchases.” The majority of field purchases occur to fulfill an immediate need and do not require multiple quotations. They are reviewed by both the using Department and by the Purchasing and Contracts Division to prevent a practice of splitting larger purchases to avoid requirements for competition or other improprieties.
  • Purchases in the range of $2,500 to $10,000 require a minimum of three quotations from valid sources by telephone, email, fax or letter.
  • Purchases in the range of $10,000 to $25,000 require a minimum of three written quotations from valid sources which may be submitted via fax, email, US Mail, or “hand delivered.”
  • Purchases in the range of $25,000 to $50,000 (except for construction) require a minimum of three quotations from valid sources solicited and responses via City of Sanford forms from valid sources which may be returned via fax, email, US Mail, or “hand delivered.”
  • Purchases of construction over $25,000 and all other purchases over $50,000

    require formally advertised, sealed bids or RFP’s with formal public openings. The requirements for responses are defined by the solicitation.

Information for all solicitations at this level is posted on Solicitation packages are downloadable from  or from a third party when so indicated by the specific solicitation. Information posted on this site in addition to solicitations includes tabulations, plan holders list, award(s), and addenda.

Professional Services CCNA are retained by the City of Sanford as provided by Florida Statutes (287.055), known as the Consultants’ Competitive Negotiation Act (CCNA). Both project specific contracts and continuing or master contracts are used by the City to acquire consultant services of engineers, architects, landscape architects, and providers of surveying and mapping services.

Purchases up to $50,000 and $25,000 for construction, which are based on a minimum of three quotations, are not advertised other than by the direct contacts made by the individual soliciting the quotations. Therefore, as indicated above, individuals and companies who desire to do business with the City are strongly encouraged to contact the Purchasing Division in order to make yourself known to City personnel who are responsible for obtaining quotations and submitting requisitions for the wide range of materials and services purchased by the City. In very simple terms, “if we do not know about you, we will be unable to contact you for a quotation.”

Pre-Bid and Pre-Proposal Conferences:

The City conducts pre-bid or pre-proposal conferences on many construction projects and specialized services. It is to be noted that some of these meetings are designated as Mandatory by the Invitation or advertisement. When the meeting is designated as Mandatory, only those who attended the Mandatory pre-bid or Mandatory pre-proposal meeting will be allowed to submit a response.

These meetings offer contractors and vendors the opportunity to meet City personnel for a firsthand presentation of the project, to visit the actual site, and to ask any questions or clarify any concerns on the bid conditions, specifications and project schedule.

A sole source justification exists only if the goods or services required to satisfy the City’s needs are available from only one supplier and no reasonable alternative exists to serve the best interests of the City. Sole source requests must include a letter from the supplier certifying that its quoted price is equal to or less than that given to its most favored customers (favored nation status). Also, the letter must certify that the proposed supplier is, indeed, the only authorized provider of the service or item in the Central Florida area.  It is noted that, an essential item manufactured by only one manufacturer is proprietary, but, if available from multiple suppliers is not sole source and competitive requirements must be met.

An emergency justification may exist if the goods or services are required to correct or prevent an emergency health, environmental, or safety hazard resulting in a threat to the public welfare. For the completion of special or time sensitive events related to I. (a), (b) or (c) above that have not resulted from poor management or administration. Enable the emergency repair or emergency replacement of existing equipment essential for critical daily operations in which a failure occurs, and an anticipated direct consequence would be an emergency situation. This extends to emergency equipment on standby, and essential for immediate use to respond to an emergency situation. An emergency declared by authority having jurisdiction to do so. It is noted that appropriate justifications and reports are not waived when addressing emergency situations. However, in order to address priorities in good order, the required documentation may, when necessary, be submitted after the fact. In emergency situations competition must be sought after to the maximum practical degree. An approval for emergency processing automatically terminates at the time the applicable procurement process is completed.

Emergency processing shall not be approved for later purchases of the same materials and/or services based on the specific conditions applicable to the original emergency justification.

Attempts  to  contact  City  Commission  members, members of the Evaluation and Selection Committee or any other City official and/or employee other than through the City of Sanford Purchasing Manager during this procurement process shall not be allowed. Any attempts to contact, fraternize, or influence personnel indicated above may result in disqualification of the offending party or firm. Failure to observe this requirement may invalidate the submission of an offending individual or company.

The City processes payments in accordance with the Prompt Payment Act. To ensure prompt payments, invoices containing the proper information must be submitted to the Accounts Payable Office as indicated by the Purchase Order. Vendors and Contractors must contact the City Finance Department at 407.688.5020 regarding finances and payment questions. Invoices must contain accurate quantities, units, and total prices as stated in the contract or Purchase Order. No payments will be issued prior to receipt and acceptance of commodities and services by authorized City representatives.

The City is exempt from Florida Sales Tax. Any such taxes included on an invoice to the City will be deducted and the remaining amount will be paid.

City policy prohibits the offering of gifts and gratuities to City employees by a vendor, contractor, and/or consultant. Also, City employees are prohibited from acceptance of gifts from either potential or actual contractors, consultants or vendors. Employees must not become obligated to any supplier and shall not participate in any City transaction from which they will benefit directly or indirectly.

View Sanford Purchasing Policy approved 6/10/2013

Additional Information

Additional information concerning procurement regulation and procedures may be obtained through the City of Sanford Purchasing Policy posted on this site. For further assistance or to make an appointment, please contact the Purchasing Division at 407.688.5030

Purchasing Documents

Terms and Conditions for Goods and Services ……………………………………………….

Terms and Conditions for Purchase Orders………………………………………………………

Terms and Conditions for Restricted (Field) Purchase Orders………………………..


The City of Sanford Solicitation documents are available on-line at no charge via My VendorLink.

Register as a vendor to download the solicitation documents. The City is not responsible for errors and omissions occurring in the transmission or downloading of any documents from these websites. In the event of any discrepancy between information on these websites and the hardcopy specifications, the terms of the hardcopy specifications shall prevail. For more information, call the Purchasing Division at (407) 688-5030 or 5028. Important: The desire of the City to pursue bid submittals shall in no way obligate the City to compensate you for your efforts or to execute a contract with your firm.

Instructions to access a specific solicitation:

  1. Visit
  2. If you have not registered, select register and complete the process
  3. Select Bid Solicitations
  4. Under Agency select – City of Sanford
  5. Scroll to bottom of page select – Search Solicitations
  6. Scroll down until you find the solicitation you are seeking
  7. Click on the magnifying glass to open the solicitation

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