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Florida Emancipation Celebration

The Georgetown Steering Team requests to host their annual Florida Emancipation Celebration on the weekend of May 17 through May 19, 2024.  The weekend will begin with a Friday evening in the Women’s Club of Sanford, followed by two days at the historic Hopper Academy featuring the Ride to Freedom, a reading / reenactment of the emancipation proclamation, presentations by the Sanford Museum and the UCF RICHES Program from 10 am – 3 pm on Saturday followed by an afternoon of Gospel Jubilee with local gospel choirs, presentation of an art history competition and more on Sunday from 2 – 7 pm.  Guests are invited to bring their lawn chairs, enjoy food trucks and the kids to enjoy a bouncy house.  City services include an officer to help the bicyclist cross 17-92 at 13th Street during the Ride to Freedom portion of the event.  The applicant requests a noise permit from 10 am – 3 pm on Saturday, May 18, 2024, and from 2 – 7 pm on Sunday, May 19, 2024.


May 17 - 19 2024


Women's Club of Sanford
309 S Oak Ave, Sanford, FL 32771
(407) 322-8678


Georgetown Steering Team
Georgetown Steering Team

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